DB4E Pilot Program

Neal Richardson

13 February 2017

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Dream Builders 4 Equity Pilot Program


Dream Builders 4 Equity has selected the Fountain Park/Lewis Place neighborhoods to launch its pilot program due to the inequities depicted in this picture. We will work to close the wealth gap and provide at-risk youth with real life experiences, that will push them to reach their full potential while building real assets!


Every young person from the urban core will build the social and financial equity fundamental for attaining an excellent education and emerging as a change agent who leads their community towards a brighter future.



Many communities in St. Louis, especially in North City lack the ownership and agency to build a future that they can look forward to with great hope. This is a result of several factors. There is limited homeownership among residents. 56% of residents in the North City zip code of 63113 are renters compared to the state average of 33%. In this same zip code, 37% of properties are classified as vacant and appear dilapidated, compared to the state average of only 12%. One may attribute this to limited community pride and resources. One must also turn to education statistics to understand this problem. In the North City zip code of 63107, only 13.4% of residents have a bachelor’s degree. There is no pipeline of educated leaders to advance our communities forward.



Dream Builders will provide 6th-12th-grade youth (Dreamers) with positive male role models.


Dream Builders will support Dreamers with acquiring and managing their own real estate investment property, and will also guide Dreamers through the process of self-publishing their own book—both experiences empowering them to evolve into creative entrepreneurs.

Leadership training

Dream Builders will provide leadership training for scholars to become leaders in their community.


Profits from the Dreamers real estate investment properties and published books will go into a (529) savings account to ultimately finance their college education.

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