Dream Builders believes that equitable opportunities are foundational for youth to realize their fullest potential. Our mission is to provide at-risk youth with access to a diverse and broad set of assets through mentorship, entrepreneurship, scholarship, and leadership training. Access to these assets will provide these youth with the necessary skills to succeed academically and professionally, and attain ownership in the development of low-income/highly distressed communities.






Learn the process of being an author who self publishes a book

i. Youth will learn how to brainstorm, develop a book theme and mission, and audience ii. Youth will learn how to develop an outline for their book iii. Youth will learn how to turn their ideas from brainstorming and their mission and theme into a complete literary work iv. Youth will learn the process of editing a book v. Youth will learn how to develop the visuals for their book including font, style, and book cover and back vi. Youth will learn the process for identifying a printing platform and having the book printed for publication and distribution

Ownership of a product and development of business skills

Youth will learn how to manage the financial aspect of owning a product/business including development of a budget, revenue goals and projections, cash flow management ii. Youth will learn the process of developing and executing a marketing plan iii. Youth will learn the process of wholesale, distribution of products, and securing retailers to iv. Youth will learn how to plan and host events including book signings, where they must organize, develop a team, delegate tasks, etc. v. Youth will learn how to explore business expansion and leveraging their books to launch the sale of other products such as shirts and hats vi. Youth will learn how manage their profits for future expenses and while also earmarking x amount for scholarships to fund their college education

Greater appreciation of self-worth and confidence

i. Youth will develop a sense of pride in their accomplishments (i.e. real estate equity and book authorship and publishing) ii. Youth will begin to develop their independence and act in ways that demonstrate that to be true iii. Youth will begin to develop their sense of responsibility iv. Youth will develop skills to tolerate and cope with frustration v. Youth will develop a deeper openness to attempting new tasks and challenges vi. Youth will begin to develop the skills to handle their positive and negative emotions vii. Youth will learn to offer support and assistance to others

A productive platform for self-expression, healing, and social justice

Youth will learn how to use art/writing to grow their creative thinking ii. Youth will use the process of writing/creating art to increase psychological resilience and resistance to stress. iii. Youth will learn to use expressive writing to improve their mood and well- being iv. Youth will learn to use writing to help them communicate highly complex ideas more effectively. v. Youth will learn to use writing to process traumatic events and experiences vi. Youth will learn how to use writing to positively impact their community and to address social justice issues vii. “For students of color, the ability to write offers not only a chance for a better life, but a voice, and a way of expressing identity. Writing can enable those students, who are often marginalized by society, to move from the periphery to the center of society. Those who are able to write can contribute their ideas to the public discourse…. In a culture as diverse as ours, it is crucial that all groups and all strata of society be able to articulate their perspectives.” –Ronald A. Williams, “A Skill Essential to Progress: Writing, Race, and Education, A Community College Perspective”

Strengthen literacy skills (reading and writing)

i. Youth will be prepared to write a powerful, well structured, and grammatically correct personal essay for college applications ii. Youth will read the literary works of others, strengthening their reading and comprehension skills iii. Youth will learn how to edit written pieces for grammar, content, structure, and style iv. Youth will increase their capacity to apply their literacy skills to effectively connect, interpret and discern the intricacies of the world in which they live v. Youth will learn how to use writing as a tool for professional communication in their business endeavors (real estate, book ownership and sales) and as they pursue their ultimate career goals


A growth in the number of young people who are engaged citizens in the community and our democratic society

i. “Writing is a gateway to students’ emerging role in our nation’s future as participants and decision makers in a democratic society.” –Because Writing Matters: Improving Student Writing in Our Schools ii. Each book written by the young people will be a call to action for the community to address a major problem, that if solved, would improve their quality of life. The books will be launch pads for positive community campaigns iii. The writing, publishing, selling, and mission of the books will unify the community and increase youth communication with older and younger generations iv. “From poetry to letters to stories to laws, we must learn to write in order to participate in the range of experiences available to us as human beings. In a very real way, neither our democracy nor our personal freedoms will survive unless we as citizens take the time needed to learn how to write.” –Bob Kerrey, former Senator and leader of the five-year Writing Challenge to the Nation

Writing preserves the history of the community and tells the stories of the community

i. Writing is an essential tool for recording and preserving human history and scientific knowledge. ii. Writing is the most powerful tool available to human beings for examining, reflecting on, and finding meaning in their own history and experience

Young people have legal ways to make money that does not involve illegal

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Together We Can Break Chains Book


This book highlights the journey of our Dreamers and what we do as Dream Builders to make those dreams come true.

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This book highlights the journey of our Dreamers and what we do as Dream Builders to make those dreams come true.

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